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About Black Dagger Society
The Beginnings
Black Dagger Society was founded in May 2014 by some real-life friends who have spent time together in multiple games, and decided to start playing WildStar together. We started off as a leveling guild, and have become a guild that likes to complete fun activities effectively and dabble in various aspects of the game—having fun with the community and building server relationships is our focus.

What We're About
We have players of every level, and we know that not everyone is as experienced or knowledgeable as others. Our ages range from mid-twenties to infinity and beyond! We prefer members 18+ with a decent dose of maturity.

Black Dagger Society is a hodgepodge of people who think that the persons in the guild and the experiences we have outweigh things like gearscore and progression. There are avid PvPers, those that are leveling (we love to help run through dungeons and help out with group quests), and those that enjoy PvE content, and RP. We are not in the business of creating a divide amongst our members, and the activities we engage in are there to give our members opportunities to play together and do fun things.

WildStar is a game, and we treat it as such. It is a sanctuary from the grind of everyday life. We're a guild where lower levels, new players, and gaming veterans come to relax. We're made up of all sorts of players who are looking to have fun, but can't find the time to play and raid 24/7--parents (yes, parents of four-legged children count, too!), full-time workers, and students with priorities other than downing the newest content in two weeks.

What We Do
We are a guild that focuses on the community--both internally for the guild, and externally by planning and scheduling community events for Entity (e.g.: ThaydFest). We enjoy PvP, PvE, housing, RP, costuming, achievement hunting, and more. While we do not plan on raiding or completing Warplots as a guild, we look forward to creating alliances where members interested in such things can join with others. Join us as we work to make Entity a home and living community for everyone!

We currently have open recruitment. If your goals and ideals align with our own, fill out an application on our website! One of our officers will be in touch with you ASAP to chat so we can get to know you, and make sure everyone is a right fit for each other!

Social Media
We’re on social media! You can email us at bdswildstar [at] gmail [dot] com, or follow us on Twitter @bdswildstar.

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