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Guild Charter
Welcome to the Black Dagger Society's Official Charter. There are a lot of words below, but we promise: a team of monkeys have worked very hard on it to make every word count. Outlined below are different areas of the guild, and standard procedures for each of them. This is required reading.

Guild Bank
The guild bank is a place where we have all of the hopes and dreams of our guild stored… Well, at the very least, cool items that someone thought was awesome enough to be used by someone else. We have five bank tabs, all with different levels of access and purpose.
1. Consumables - Food, AMPs, Medishots, and more! (Daggers and above)
2. Crafting - Crafting Supplies and Patterns (Daggers and above)
3. Housing and Costumes - Housing items, FABKits, and more! (Daggers and above)
4. Runes - A place to put Runes, Fragments, and Elements to create them (Daggers and above)
5. Gear - Put those nice blues and purples here! (Officers will hand out if it matches a class/role once people ask)

There are a few things to consider when dealing with the guild bank:
1. Do not remove items to sell. This is a first offense, last offense - we will not support a lazy toon's habits. You will be kicked.
2. Please be mindful and contribute if you take out. Help others out, too! :)
3. Only put in items that are useful (food with effects, medishots, potions, AMPs, patterns, rares, and other cool things like costumes).
4. When dealing with gear, make sure that a piece is actually an upgrade for your class, and ask an Officer to remove it for you.
5. Be respectful and thoughtful. Each item is something that someone thought could be used by someone else. Refer back to #2.

Guild Channel and VoIP
1. Please do not swear in excess. We have members of all backgrounds; so if asked, please don't take offense, but do tone it down. The same goes for talk of a sexual or drug related matter.
2. Please be respectful of our members: there is to be no bullying or rude behavior.
3. When in Voice Comms, try not speak over other members.
4. Guild chat is Out of Character (OOC). While RP is encouraged, supported, and accepted, it is not enforced.
5. We have open donations to help support the VoiP server, however, donations are not required.

Recruitment and Inactivity
1. No toon will be removed for inactivity for up to three months. If you are planning on being away for more than three months, members are asked to post on the forums to let our officers know they are planning on returning. (For example, "I'm being deployed, I won't be back for six months, keep my chair warm!")
2. All recruits enter at Initiate and will not be promoted for up to two weeks. This allows the recruit and the guild time to see if we mesh well.
3. Previous members removed due to inactivity just need to get in touch with an officer to be invited back to the guild.

Promotions, Demotions, and Ranks
1. Rank is not based on the level of the player's character nor time spent in the guild.
2. We look for the following qualities for promotion: positive guild attitude, participation in guild events, willingness to assist others, donations, participating socially in chat, etc.
3. Demotions and removal are rare, but contributing factors include: prolonged inactivity past three months, lack of participation in guild events or general chatter, poor guild attitude, lack of willingness to assist others, and any misconduct or complaints.
4. Guild ranks are as follows:
Initiate (Entering rank)
Dagger (Member)
Senior Dagger (Member)
Officers (Officer)
Bosses (AGM/GM [alts])
Boss (Guild Master)

Alt Characters
We invite the person, not the character, so whatever form that person takes is always welcome. Ergo, there is no limit on the number of toons members can have in guild. Hopefully WildStar devs will increase the number of people a guild can house prior to this becoming an issue. All we ask is that you label your toons in your Guild Note so we know who you are! :)

Guild Events
1. Scheduled guild events will be posted on the forums. The calendar is conveniently found on the main page, as well as under the "Events" tab. Please RSVP via the event itself.
Signing up as a “Maybe” means you’re not sure if you can make it.
Signing up as a “Yes” means you will be there. If things change, please try to change your status or write a note on the event to let the creator(s) know.
Signing up as a “No” means you cannot make it for whatever reason. (Other obligations, work, hanging out with friends, you just need a “you” night, etc.)
2. If any member wants to organize an event at a time more convenient for them, the calendar is open for members. Please be respectful of other scheduled events.
3. Scheduled events are not mandatory, and we will do our utmost best to fill up as many full groups as possible based on signups.
4. Spots are filled first with guildies who have responded “Yes”. If there are partial groups formed, we will ask in guild prior to filling the group with outside channels.

1. We appreciate everyone wanting to play at their best, but we do not tell others how to play.
2. Getting Gold on runs is exciting and something we aim for and we will earn these at our own pace by folks listening and playing their best!
3. We don’t like exploits or taking the “easiest” route. Exploits are defined as: the use of a bug, glitch, game system, currency, or spells/abilities by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers.
4. We’re all about having fun and trying new things in the spirit they were designed by the Devs.

Positions and Responsibilities
The following is a breakdown of leadership positions within the guild, who is currently filling those roles, and what the general responsibilities of these positions are.

Guild Master - Chestnut
The Guild Master is responsible for the day-to-day runnings of the guild, forum management, recruiting, guild relations, and more. They are the go-to guy for overall guild concerns. While all officers can answer most questions, this is the person to go to with concerns about high-ranking members, or just to chat. The GM is also in charge of any and all bank issues and organization. They keep the bank organized with the assistance of the officer team so that others can find what they need, and makes sure items are in their respective tabs. The GM also watches the logs to see what kind of banking activity the guild has, and notes suspicious behavior. The guild master has the final say in any decisions regarding members' status, and helps facilitate officers and their positions.

Officers - Sheae, Fitch, Roda, Auni
Officers fill various roles including: forum management, recruiting, guild relations, bank organization, organizing and running guild contests and events, being a community ambassador, and the general day-to-day specifics of running a guild to keep the Guild Master free to do what he does best--listen.

10.23.2015 - Roles and those filling them updated, and moved to its own page.
08.18.2015 - Roles and those filling them have been updated.
03.20.2015 - Charter has changed significantly, please re-read.
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