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Want to keep in touch with the guild? There's many different ways to do so!

You can follow the guild @bdswildstar.

We now have a new extended community hangout spot on You can find us here!

What is Anook? Think of a social media platform like Facebook, and then imagine it for just gaming. You can use a gaming profile picture, post updates, check out gaming forums, links to other gaming sites, and communities, and communicate with everyone in BDS without the clunky forums mediating your ability to drop a line to someone or give us an update.

Anook allows you to be a gamer first, a gamer that belongs to multiple communities and games - and also belongs to the Black Dagger Society. As we continue to grow and expand into more than one platform (already some of us are connecting in games like 7 Days to Die, FFXIV, and more) you will be able to keep up with the people you enjoy playing with most!

So please, take a moment and check out the site, and see if it is your thing. Like all parts of BDS, this isn't mandatory, but it is encouraged if you are looking for a great way to stay connected and communicate with those that you care about. Hell, it might even be a great way to reach out to people you have lost touch with, or play different you can lure them Wildstar. :)