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Talon Salty

Status: REJECTED (Unreachable)
Submitted on: Jun 26, 2017 at 03:14 PM
Race and Class
Mordesh Stalker
Are you already a guild member?


If you are a new applicant, have you spoken with an Officer in-game?

No I didn't speak with anybody

How did you hear about Black Dagger Society?

searching online for guild/raid content

What MMOs have you played before?

WoW, SWTOR, Wildstar, BlackDesert Online

What activities are you looking forward to in game? What makes WildStar fun for you?

End Game Raid Content, Eventualy maybe some PVP action!

Have you ever been in a guild before (WildStar or otherwise)? What made you leave?

Yes, I have not left the guild and I have no problems with my current guild aside from scheduling and pace of progress. Great group of people.

Have you ever been removed from a guild for any reason? Why?


What kind of environment are you looking for in Black Dagger Society? Do you think we fulfill this environment?

I am looking for mature people who dont want drama and love a good time. Commiting 2 to 3 hours to a raid should be a fun experience and progressive.

Any questions for us?

Can I join? :D

Have you read our charter? (




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