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Jarros Jaraxis

Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Jul 12, 2017 at 08:03 PM
Race and Class
Human Spellslinger
Are you already a guild member?


If you are a new applicant, have you spoken with an Officer in-game?

No I didn't speak with anybody

How did you hear about Black Dagger Society?

was scanning through forums...really liked the tone, energy and flow of the Black Dagger post. sounds like it might fit me!

What MMOs have you played before?

WoW, SWTOR, GW2, ESO, WildStar, BDO, Allods Online, Vindictus others maybe lol

What activities are you looking forward to in game? What makes WildStar fun for you?

I love the humor, look and feel of the game and I'm REALLY digging the combat and talent systems so far. i am looking forward to seeing how the game progresses for me.

Have you ever been in a guild before (WildStar or otherwise)? What made you leave?

have yet to be in a WildStar guild. my friend and I only just started the game a few weeks back. I've been in many many guilds over the years. helped lead and founded a few of them. Usually my reasons for leaving have boiled down to either the game no longer being fun for me (ex: I moved onto another game) OR the guild culture shifted away from what I was wanting or comfortable with. (I'm one how cares deeply about the culture of a guild.)

Have you ever been removed from a guild for any reason? Why?

Never ever been removed from a guild that I had invested time, love and energy in. There was once in ESO last year when 1 hour after joining a PvP guild I was kicked for not following the leader. I was off turning in a quest and was told "no excuses no exceptions". LOL Needless to say, I didn't consider this much of a loss. And if anything, it was a confirmation of how THAT culture would never have been a fit for me.

What kind of environment are you looking for in Black Dagger Society? Do you think we fulfill this environment?

When I look for a guild, I look for a certain level of values expressed by the members via the culture of the guild. Values like fun, respect, maturity, light-heartedness, kindness, inclusion, good humor, silliness, freedom, comraderie and helpfulness. I abhor elitism and know-it-all-ism. I have NO clue whether Black Dagger will fulfill that. But the recruitment post sounds pretty close. Thus, why I'm applying! :)

Any questions for us?

I am sure I will have some during any interview process. But none now.

Have you read our charter? (



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If need be, I can also be found on the following toons: Veronica Vraxis, Timo Taraxis, Maxim Medaxis, Razzledee Raxis and Nero Phantomblade. Looking forward to meeting you!

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