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PapaC Rad

Status: REJECTED (Joined another guild)
Submitted on: Aug 07, 2017 at 01:50 AM
Race and Class
Human Spellslinger
Are you already a guild member?


If you are a new applicant, have you spoken with an Officer in-game?

No I didn't speak with anybody

How did you hear about Black Dagger Society?

I'm Old so looked up on Google :)

What MMOs have you played before?


What activities are you looking forward to in game? What makes WildStar fun for you?

FUN!! Love to do almost anything but PVP just not into it. Love to build on land so Plots are big Really like running Content and stuff with people I know(or just met in guild).

Have you ever been in a guild before (WildStar or otherwise)? What made you leave?

Yes Had a few guilds of my own back in the day ( 25 years ago) But was Second in command in my last guild on ArcAge. left because was no fun unless you spent Real money. I like working for it the right way in the game.

Have you ever been removed from a guild for any reason? Why?

No not ever (Wipes fourhead)

What kind of environment are you looking for in Black Dagger Society? Do you think we fulfill this environment?

Well do not like cussen or yellen I'm old fingers are slow at times so Love a group that does not flip out if I run into a wall or fall of a cliff now and then. I just like running around with friends haven a blast. (sometime climbing a MT. just to see if ya can) I read Your charter and like what I see set up very nicely and seems to fit what I looking for. Now I just Hope I'm the type you guys/gals are looking for.

Any questions for us?

Ummm (thinking) {OUCH!} Yes do you like alot of Questions on how to do things? I'm new to this :) game.

Have you read our charter? (




OMG! I do have a Question. What do you all use for voice?
Discord for most things, teamspeak for raids. I've added you on Roda Starsoul and we can talk when you're ready. :)

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