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Sly Tyrion

Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Sep 01, 2017 at 08:06 AM
Race and Class
Cassian Medic
Are you already a guild member?


If you are a new applicant, have you spoken with an Officer in-game?

No I didn't speak with anybody

How did you hear about Black Dagger Society?


What MMOs have you played before?

Tera, Runescape, BDO, Blade & Soul, ETC

What activities are you looking forward to in game? What makes WildStar fun for you?

All the endgame content basically. I like the combat system and the art style.

Have you ever been in a guild before (WildStar or otherwise)? What made you leave?

Yes, and I am currently in some guilds right now in ESO. I left because I was no longer playing those games/ the guild became unactive.

Have you ever been removed from a guild for any reason? Why?


What kind of environment are you looking for in Black Dagger Society? Do you think we fulfill this environment?

A friendly, chill, and fun environment. I think you guys will fulfill this environment, judging from your recruitment messages.

Any questions for us?

Have you read our charter? (




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