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Grexor Gravelhammer

Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Nov 14, 2017 at 01:16 AM
Race and Class
Granok Engineer
Are you already a guild member?


If you are a new applicant, have you spoken with an Officer in-game?

No I didn't speak with anybody

How did you hear about Black Dagger Society?

Guild Forum

What MMOs have you played before?

WoW, KOTOR, COH, LOTRO, DCUO, Neverwinter

What activities are you looking forward to in game? What makes WildStar fun for you?

I'm pretty much in love with every feature of this game

Have you ever been in a guild before (WildStar or otherwise)? What made you leave?

Several. Usually the leaving is due to the game getting old and me moving on.

Have you ever been removed from a guild for any reason? Why?


What kind of environment are you looking for in Black Dagger Society? Do you think we fulfill this environment?

Just a social group to engage with and explore the game together.

Any questions for us?


Have you read our charter? (




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